Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sources of inspiration...

OK this one's a joke courtesy of

http://pintday.org/archimatects/comic?p=437  @Archimatects on Twitter


Recommended reading and there's a book if you like what you see.

This one's a bit of a laugh also but it's for real: one of the six designs on show currently in Dundee for the proposed new museum.


Apparently REX Architects from the US were 'inspired' to drop that in to the Silvery Tay by the 'Scottish bluebell'.  Look just in case you didn't spot the source of inspiration there's even a picture of said flora, which is actually a harebell


...evoke a bluebell - the resulting form is an unexpected but iconographic building concept, resembling a scottish bluebell

Aw. All sorta natural and eco and fluffy wabbits stuff then.

Nothing harebrained at all about mirror glass starships surrounded by seawater and the less than sunny Scottish weather.

Dare I suggest, REX (and some are suggesting it's not so different from one you have done for Belfast and other places) stating this is  a 'Scottish bluebell' in order to somehow make it seem contextual in fact is a classic of the Archibollocks genre, and yes of course we see the joke?

Now please do stop as our sides are splitting.

For those unaware of the so-called  'V and A at Dundee' (and there's far more to be said about this entire project and maybe I will over on the Republic blog) there is currently an official website where all can 'have their say' on a forum.

Today's batch of informed comment brought this post:

Shanika: Queen of the Bronx!, 05th October 2010 Says:

What up homies!

Right, let me declaaaaaaaaaaare my P.O.V for all those not initiated into how I roll. I'm Shanika,Queen of the Bronx and what I say goes-- got it?

This design by some dude called REX (crack-pot name) ain't all that. What's wiff all the biatches on this site praising this mutha f*ucka monstrosity! It just an ugly glass mess!
You guys be trippin' if you fink this be what Dundee needs!

Let me declaaaaaaaaaare that this ain't iconic...................unless by iconic you mean a hot stinkin' mess then hell yeah, this be that!

Kuma, Messi or however they spelled are betta than this -- and trust me, I know what I'm talkin' 'bout coz I once redesigned my sista LaMoniqua's bathroom with lucious pink carpet and aubergine tiles so there! I know design and I know this REX fing just ain't good enough!
So, you heard it from me peepz and I ain't neva wrong!

Peace and out!xxx

Check out the rest, join in the discussion:


There's an entire lifetime's worth of Archibollocks currently being spouted there. There's also  a certain amount of sense.

...As others again have mentioned, where is the originality that was asked for in the design brief? Having looked at various architects websites, it becomes quite obvious that many other designs by Rex and others look surprisingly like this latest "unique" design; with Zurich, Belfast & Seattle (to mention a few) all having very similar external forms and finishes...

Don't forget also to check out Dave at Auchterness's alternative proposals for the site.



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