Monday, 23 August 2010

Child with Balloon alert!

A sighting of that architects' favourite cliche, the Child with Balloon!

Clearly, an architect of the future! Minimalist and white yes - tick, carefully considered clothing, a poloneck,  briefcase to hold those 'napkin sketches',  artistically mussed hair... and a balloon. Really serious specs to follow when he's older.

At the moment I can't repost the pic, but can point in the general direction:

Malcolm Fraser Architects, proposals for conversion, re-use and extension of the Speirs Centre, Alloa.

Here, page 2

standing outside, lone child (what, no Responsible Adult in close proximity?) on the right of pic, peering wistfully in to the building, and yes, there's no disguising it, that's a balloon.

No, nothing else Bollocks about it, fine proposals, re-use of a historic building, my favourite metal with stone (zinc I hope)  all described and drawn with admirable clarity. The trees deserve a special commendation.

It's just... well, actually, when was the last time you saw a child with a balloon? Why are they so beloved of architects desperate to show people doing 'stuff ' around their buildings?  Why is this an ever recurring image?

And why not a flasher in the trees, a dog crapping on the pavement, drug dealers plying their trade, a ned with a tinnie of Special Brew, an OAP being mugged, even a random pole dancer?  You know, NORMAL life?

Come on Malcolm... a challenge...

Unlike a certain Alan Dunlop, a self-portrait included possibly isn't wise though, if the comments here are to be believed:

Nice enough trees though I think I prefer the MFA ones.

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  1. Loads of red balloons here:

  2. Is that a glimpse of the now listed shopping centre I see?

    An architects' dream, that ad...

    All those balloons, littering the countryside... sigh.