Saturday, 10 April 2010

A bit of a whiff in Auld Reekie

You know, there's so much archibollocks around it's difficult to know which joy to share first, really. Thanks to all who have sent me info, all is safely in storage ready for a wider audience.

A wee one for today though, and possibly one that could be of interest to Bad British Architecture also.

Yes, yes, it is hard to believe that anyone could look at the above and think anything other than 'Stap me, that's vile', but no, ever game, that stalwart rentagob from Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Graham Birse couldn't wait, twinkling with sincerity, to laud it to the heavens in the Edinburgh Evening News.

Graham Birse, deputy chief executive of Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, said: "The proposed development by Morbaine is exactly the kind of investment Edinburgh needs to help us rebound from recession.

It's important that we find sustainable economic use for this site in order to create jobs and value for local people.

"Shoppers will benefit from increased choice and the extra competition generated will help ensure they are getting value for money."

A public exhibition outlining the design, which will include artists' impressions of the proposed store and a chance to talk to members of the project team, will be held at Slateford-Longstone Church Hall on Wednesday, 14 April, and Thursday, 15 April from 10am to 9pm both days.

Yes folks, that's right, not an architect involved, clearly, but at least one ARTIST:

And indeedy, there's a project team... it must be true, I read it in the Johnson Press:

The inspiration for the 'industrial aesthetic'?

Don't get crushed in the rush.

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