Saturday, 17 March 2012

Where Thames' smooth waters glide...

I have @BillEllson  to thank for this; on Twitter he called it "pretentious guff" and I wouldn't dare argue...

"The site location is situated adjacent to the A12 northern approach to the Blackwall Tunnel"

Yes, it does make one yearn for open stretches of water, perhaps the mighty sea, anything to escape from  the constant roar of traffic and the stench of exhaust fumes.

Indeed, as it says in the bumph:

"The bespoke design took inspiration from the presence of the River Thames, reflecting the calming form of the flowing water surface..."

© Copyright David Anstiss and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence. a delightful site all about the mighty River Thames (click to enlarge pic)

"...The shadows cast on to the pavement makes the pavement appear like the sea..."

 Fantastic you cry! Tell me more!

OK! this project also brings:

• Environmental enhancement
• Acoustic barrier
• Innovative design
• Public realm rejuvenation

Yes yes!

What is it?

Em... a set of railings?


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